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Executive Life Strategies

Athletes need a coach to stretch them beyond where they are today – to help them see areas for improvement and strengths ready to be deployed. Professionals are no different – having an unbiased coach to walk along side, bounce ideas off of or provide exposure to new ideas and concepts not yet uncovered is essential for growing professionally and personally. Have you ever...

  • Sensed the need to make a career change but didn’t know where to begin?
  • Questioned if you had the right leaders in place on your team but didn’t know how to measure or fix it?
  • Felt excited about a new opportunity yet overwhelmed at the responsibility?
  • Wondered how to motivate someone so different than you?
  • Embraced a change directive yet questioned how to get buy in across a broad spectrum?
  • Struggled with balancing your personal priorities with your professional priorities?
  • Wondered how to deliver the financials set in front of you without the resources to do so?
  • Ached because you had to deliver bad news to a person or your team?
  • Rejoiced in the successes of your team yet felt the recognition didn’t fit the bill?
  • Blown it with a client and weren’t sure how to recover?

If you can you answer yes to any of these questions, I’d love to work with you.

Choosing a Coach
Must haves when selecting a coach

  1. Credible in your area of need or expertise - Someone without medical experience cannot coach a surgeon on medical procedures, but they can coach a surgeon on how to effectively deliver tough messages to their patients.
  2. Trust – can you trust this person tell you the truth you need to hear? Do you believe they have your/your team’s best interest at heart?
  3. Time – can you and the coach invest the necessary time in you/your team?
  4. Flexibility – a coach should be able to grow with you and your teams as you evolve. One size does not fit all. Are the services tailorable for your industry/need?
  5. Respect – do you respect the experiences, beliefs, ethics, approach, references of the coach?
Executive Life Strategies

About UsAbout UsAbout Us
New Day Solutions, Inc. offers a variety of individual and business strategies designed at improving performance, work and life satisfaction, and career effectiveness. Individual and team coaching is designed for each client’s unique circumstances and objectives. Each of the team events or workshops can be tailored for your industry and/or business objectives and guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.

Workshop prices start as low as $995.00 and are designed to self-fund as a result of improved productivity, associate satisfaction, organizational effectiveness, and customer satisfaction thus increasing shareholder value.

As the owner and creator at New Day Solutions, Inc., my commitment to you is that I will pour all of my experiences and exposures into solutions creatively designed to meet your needs.

My expertise includes:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Building synergies across business lines
  • Developing people
  • Lean/Six Sigma Workflow redesign/process improvement
  • Operational acumen
  • Risk Management and Business Continuity Planning

I have had the opportunity to work in a variety of leadership capacities throughout my corporate career. I enjoyed many successes developing strong teams across multiple time zones and business cultures and individual mentoring with managers and professionals.

I believe that my process discipline combined with my passion for people will help you grow as a leader. My goal is to guide each and every client to their fullest potential. I welcome you to see what some of my clients have said. For my full biography click here.