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Executive Life Strategies

Choosing a Coach
A Tool for Accelerating Success

Team Event - New Leader and direct reports

When organizational structures change and/or new leadership is introduced, a variety of distractions occur – overt and more subtle. However, organizations expect that not only will the business continue, but it will see a return on its investment as a result of this new environment. Everyone is counting on the new leader and the team to be successful out of the gate. By investing in this event, the leader, team and organization can immediately increase: speed to team alignment, team and organizational synergy, productivity and effectiveness, and associate satisfaction.

Choosing a Coach
A Roadmap For Successful Role Alignment And Strength Maximization

Team Event – Leader and direct reports

Understanding your personality style and that of your teammates can be key element to improve rapport, communication, customer service, sales and reduce interpersonal conflict. Individuals will have a framework for understanding human behavior along with increased knowledge of their unique behavioral and communication patterns and of their teammates. This team building event is designed to increase performance, prevent costly personnel misalignments and boost the bottom line.

Choosing a Coach
How Do You Identify Key Talent And What Are You Doing To Retain Them?

Team Event – Leader with direct reports

Intellectual property is a highly valuable asset that is typically only reflected on the liability side of the balance sheet under personnel expenses. The estimated cost of replacing one highly skilled employee is 200% of his/her salary. At any one time, more than 25% of an organization's valued employees intend to leave the organization. Nearly 25% more are undecided about leaving but are considering it. Often employers find that they must pay significantly higher salaries to acquire a replacement talent when a key employee leaves. You can increase your ability to attract and retain top talent by creating a talent plan that includes clear definitions of the distinguishing characteristics of a high performer, a comprehensive road map for growing them, and allowing them to participate fully in their career development within your organization. At the end of this event, the leaders will have a fact-based roadmap for distinguishing someone as a key talent and an agreed upon methodology for developing and retaining that talent in the organization. Organizational pre-work is required. This event is an excellent precursor to a Succession Planning event.

Choosing a Coach
Forget Winning the Lottery, Be In charge Of Your Organization’s Growth
Team Event – Leader with direct reports or Peer Team without Leader

About UsAbout UsAbout UsYou’ve heard the adage before – if so-and-so wins the lottery and quits, who is going to do their job? Although the odds of lottery winning are marginal at best, there is a greater need to consider talent progression. Proactively identifying and preparing suitable employees for organizational change and role replacement can prevent the risk of productivity loss in the event someone leaves their position unexpectedly. It can also reduce low employee morale due to lack of career advancement. Upside benefits of proactively developing a succession plan include increased employee satisfaction, greater breadth of knowledge in leadership roles, more innovation opportunity as a result of planned leadership changes and reduced turnover. This workshop is designed to walk a leadership team through the process of developing a 6 – 36 month succession strategy for key positions in the department. At the end of the event, an action plan will be ready for implementation and areas of risk will be identified. Organizational pre-work is required. This is an excellent follow up to a Talent Planning session.

Process Improvement
Lean Review - Small changes can lead to BIG savings!
Full process review – 30-60 days; Blitz event – 1 week

About UsAbout UsAbout UsDo you struggle with finding the time to be innovative and introduce new products or services? Most business environments today spend 20 – 50% of their time on non-value added activities. In a manufacturing environment, efficiency, speed and quality are vital for keeping the doors of the business open. That same philosophy can be applied to any business and any process. Turn your non-value added activities and resources into centers of productivity doing the things you and your business really gets paid for – providing goods or services to your customers!

Hidden waste in a process is like having a hole in the pocket where you keep your money. Waste consists of movement, idle time, overproduction or inventory, rework, and ineffective work environments. “Leaning” out a process is a no-to-low cost way to change your organization for the better. In today’s economic environment and competitive landscape, having a solid repeatable process that is efficient can be the distinguisher for you! Benefits that have been realized through Lean Process Reviews include:

  • Reduced expenses
  • Increased quality
  • Improved productivity
  • Increased associate satisfaction
  • Reduced FTE requirements
  • Increased sales
  • Reduction in real estate needs
  • Increased customer satisfaction

You and your teams will be changed for life!  Once your eyes are open to the contributors of waste, it will become everyone’s passion to get rid of it.  This may be the single most lucrative investment you make in your business.

Choosing a Coach
Each survey process is tailored to the business

In order for an organization to take their leaders to the next level, an understanding of each key player’s effectiveness is essential. The 360 degree feedback process is a positive way to uptick your performance management routines. 360 degree feedback is a method and a tool that provides each employee the opportunity to receive performance feedback from his or her supervisor, peers, direct reports, and business partners. It is a fact based analysis that rates individuals on how their behaviors align with corporate objectives. In addition, that feedback can be compared and contrasted to how the employee sees themselves through their individual a self assessment. Benefits to the organization include:

  • Uncover disconnects and synergies between the leadership team’s effectiveness compared to your expectations
  • Identify blind spots and areas to accentuate
  • Creates the foundation for a leadership development plan for continued improvement
  • Greater employee satisfaction as a result of developing action plans that target areas to improve and succeed

Choosing a Coach
Where do you want your business to be in 1, 3 or 5 years?
2 ½ day event that is tailored to the business with a minimum of 1 month  of preplanning

Total Information Perspective

Growing the business means creating a vision for the future and a strategic plan for reaching that vision. Hope is not a strategy! Invest in your future and your leaders with an off-site Strategic Planning event. Although each event is designed to meet the specific needs of the business, you can expect that your team will be aligned to the vision, be ready to carry the mission forward, have more passion and energy, and be committed to leading their teams to succeed. The approach will include the Total Information Perspective (TIP) to lead your teams to new heights.